7 Principles We Follow

1. Integrity

Our clients trust us because of our honesty in setting the scope of
work for each engagement. Our integrity is our foundation.

2. Client Input

We never work in isolation: our clients have direct input during all
engagements. By working together, we develop solutions that are
practical and, therefore, achievable.

3. Compliance-Driven Revenue Generation

During our revenue-generating engagements, we provide our clients
with documentation to ensure full compliance with government and
health plan requirements.

4. Thoroughness

We are thorough in achieving engagement objectives. We are never
satisfied until we have met the needs of our clients.

5. Timeliness

Our work ethic ensures that target dates are real. We work at whatever
intensity level it takes to complete engagements on time.

6. Cost-Benefit Approach

We price our services to achieve favorable cost-benefit ratios for our clients.
All of our revenue-generating engagements have resulted in additional client
revenue substantially in excess of our fees.

7. Client Satisfaction

Our reputation is in the top tier of healthcare consulting firms. We developed
our reputation by one key ingredient: satisfied clients year after year.

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