Fenner: A Trusted Name

Fenner Physician Billing provides comprehensive billing and coding
services to hospital-owned and privately-owned physician practices.
Using the nationally-supported Medical Manager software system, we
bill for over 200 physicians in 20-plus medical and surgical specialties.
Hospital-based practices include anesthesiology, critical care, emergency
medicine, pathology, radiology, and radiation oncology. Office-based
practices include, for example, family medicine, internal medicine,
pediatrics, orthopedic surgery, and general surgery. For a complete
listing, see Specialties.

Our Goal

Since 1992, our goal has been to provide our clients with a superior
billing service at a fair and competitive price. We have achieved our
goal as demonstrated by our growth and high client retention level.

“Selecting a billing company is a lot like choosing a physician:
what really counts is trust.”
– Internal Medicine Client

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