Billing Services

Our comprehensive billing service includes:

• Enter all charges generated by our clients.

• Prepare bills for third-party payers and statements for patients.

• Post third-party payer and patient receipts.

• Conduct claim review and post-payment review.

• Provide account follow-up services for all insurance balances.

• Provide 30-day cycle billing for all patient balances.

• Review all account activity with clients.

• Provide the following monthly reports:

• Practice Aging Analysis

• Summary Aging by Insurance Company

• Summary Aging by Patient

• Summary Current Period Report

• Procedure Productivity Reports

• Month End Summary

• Graphs of Charges and Receipts

Coding Services

In addition to the above-listed billing services, we provide coding services,
as requested, on a client-specific basis. All coding services are provided
under the direction of certified coding personnel in accordance with our
compliance program developed from the Office of Inspector General's
Third-Party Medical Billing Company Compliance Program.

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